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Attracting and Leveraging the Media in 2.0 Web World

For years, you’ve probably heard the terms Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. But you really aren’t sure what that means.

In order to help you understand how to leverage the media in the Web 2.0 landscape for your business, lets define what each means.

Web 1.0– The internet we grew up on was static, these were simply pages that you could read similar to an online brochure.

Web 2.0– It is interactive, there is a 2 way communication. Web 2.0 is all about interacting and engaging and connecting. It is social rather than static. It requires for people to respond on both sides.

As an entrepreneur with a strong presence with a Web 2.0 landscape, you can be a trusted resource for the media. When a journalist is looking for information they use social media to assist them in their reporting.

Where do journalists hang out on-line? In a new study it shows that 90% of the journalists use Twitter, Facebook and blogs daily.

Statistics released in January 2012 on how social media drives content decisions for the traditional press and influences the way reporters and editors research and write news.

These are stats from a SGMP media survey:

89% of journalists source stories from blogs
85% of journalists use Facebook and LinkedIn for research
71% of journalists rely on Wikipedia for information
82% of the journalists use Twitter

These are stats from PRWeek/PR Newswire’s media survey:

62% of journalists are new required to write specifically for online news sections
39% of journalists are now required to blog
37% of journalists are now required to have a Twitter account
52% of bloggers consider themselves journalists

In a new study by Communications Research indicates that journalists want more corporate communications to put more in online newsroom.

86% of the journalists go to a company website to get information for their stories.

By providing an on line media newsroom for your website, you can develop with a special target market in mind and who you want to attract to your company. Think of your media newsroom as your on-line press kit: packaged with resources of interviews, social media links and featured events.

Reporters will be inclined to call you first over your competitors who do not provide an online newsroom for reporters to have access to.

To gain the publicity you are looking for, first anticipate what reporters are looking for and what they need.

If no one is reading you how beneficial are you to the source?


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