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10 Ways to Turn your On-line Contacts into Off Line Contacts

10 Ways to Turn your On-line Contacts into Off line Contacts

A question that comes up from time to time, can I develop my online business relationships into offline business relationships?

Absolutely! Most people continue to Friend and add followers to their lists – but never put any thought or strategy on how they will meet these people.

Before clicking that mouse and adding someone to your online list of contacts. First identify like-minded individuals that you would want to connect with offline.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you may have thousands of friends and followers but how is this going to help your business grow unless these contacts become paying customers?

Think about how this person may benefit from knowing you and the services that you offer. Most people think about how can this person benefit me, this generally produces the least amount of results.

How is your online networking actually working?

Here are 10 ways to help you achieve offline results:

1)      Host a Meetup at a local restaurant, you can post an invitation on Twitter and your Facebook page.


2)      Offer to speak free at local organizations


3)      Contribute guest posts to other sites.


4)      Attend events featuring people from your network as guest speakers.


5)      Set up 1 to 2 meetings for coffee each week from your network.


6)      Volunteer to help a non-profit with their social media.


7)      Be a connector. Be proactive in your online rapport, like their statuses on Facebook, endorse their skills on Linkedin, share their content on Pinterest, Google + and follow people you admire on Twitter. The people you want to connect with, will start to take notice that you are genuinely interested in them and what they have to say.

8) Send a card or an article– A lot of people of lost the art of letter writing and connecting by giving that personal touch that says I’m thinking about you or this is something I thought you might have an interest in.

9)   Follow social media sites! Bloggers often include links to their Facebook, Twitter, and GoodReads accounts on their sites. Click on their link and get connected!  Make it a point to follow blogs via Google Friend Connect – this shows bloggers that you spend time on them and that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say. They will start to see your name popping up on their follow and friends lists. When you start to send them pitch or query letters –they may recognize your name and be more willing to review your product or service.

10)   Pick up the phone- This seems like an old school concept with all the nonverbal communications that we have at our finger tips with all the texting and email that goes on. Now a days this is seen as a “creative and unique” networking strategy. Only 1% of the people actually take the time to pick up  the phone and introduce themselves. Explain to them where you received their contact info., whether it was on-line, at a tele seminar, or you saw them at an event as a presenter. If you leave a message, the chance of them responding it very slim to none. Wait a week to follow up with an email. If there is still no response. Try waiting another few weeks, sometimes if the  person knows that you are serious and they will start to sense that you are genuinely  interested in speaking with them, it may impress them to give you a call.


Remember every new contact has the potential to change your life and it is definitely worth the investment of time to do these few action steps per week.






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