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A JFY PR Campaign-Targeted outreach to blogs, podcasts, and internet radio stations.

We perform a targeted outreach to our network of news contacts in features in blogs, inclusion on podcasts and placement on internet radio stations.

We will tailor your virtual book tour to your niche and connect you to the people who love it!

A JFY PR Campaign produces the following results:
A. Our online PR Services gets your book:
1) Placed and reviewed on blogs.
2) Included on Podcasts
3) Interviews on Internet radio stations.
4) Website interviews, reviews or guest posts.

B. Search engines love blogs and information gets to search engines immediately (making it easier for potential clients to find and connect with you)

C. Increase Book Sales
Even though a blog tour may last a month and you may or may not sell books, as long as the host keeps your interview in their archives, your stop will be linked up in the search engines forever.

D . Get your information about your books and your books to many people in a short amount of time.

E. Create additional links to your site.

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