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What to Write about-Blog, Posts, Tweets…..

Post events or business updates

Post current events and how they relate to your business

Share useful articles to establish credibility-reciprocity

Pictures and videos at industry-related events

Reunion pictures

Association events news and pictures

Celebrity Name/Current Events

Make lists-Top Ten-10 Essential People in Your Industry (include you)

Post why someone popular is wrong

Counter what the rest of the world thinks

Daily Business Tips

Case studies to show off your expertise

Run a contest

Write a Part 2 of an older blog post

Create a list of your most popular posts

Walk your readers through a day in your life

Write what your industry is doing wrong and how it can get better

Tell a story using pictures

Inspirational quotes

If impressive, share your blog stats with other readers

How you can solve other people’s problems


People love stats-stats of anything

Looking for a job

Talk about your favorite sports team

Talk about golf

Talk about recipes

Talk about your children

Talk about books

Talk about movies

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