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Josephina Yatar Public Relations

Josephina Yatar PR is a boutique public relations agency. We specialize in putting together online book promotions for our clients.

The best part is our clients can sell their books without leaving their home.

Those tours are time consuming, expensive and need to generate a lot of book sales.

We’ve all seen authors seated behind a table waiting to sign copies of their book.

That’s why blog tours are gaining popularity.

A Virtual Book Blog Tour is an online “event” wherein an author “visits” a different blog each day during a specified period of time, generally 2-4 weeks in duration.
For instance, if your blog tour were 2 weeks long, there would be 14 blogs, and each blogger would be assigned a specific day on the tour.
Technically, the author doesn’t “visit” these blogs. Rather, on the assigned tour day, the blogger would post a blog about the author’s book.

You will have the chance to interact with readers and potential customers through blog comments, and questions during interviews.

Blog tours with Josephina Yatar PR is an easy and effective way to promote your book with potential exposure and buzz that a brick and mortar tour can generate.

We put together blog tours based on your individual needs with Facebook parties, Twitterviews, and social media promotions.

Our focus is on non-fiction authors. Our authors provide real life information and are experts in their field. We work with high traffic blogs in several categories: lifestyle blogs, food and wine blogs, women’s blogs, men’s blogs, business blogs, etc. We target social media journalists and bloggers who write reviews.

Praise From a Recent Client:

“Josephina has a passion for the Public Relations business. Josephina is very focused, dedicated, and effective and in the way she represented me in the media.”

Tim Mann, 9010 Consulting

Our Services include: 

Contacting bloggers on their interest and availability
Scheduling the tour
Maintaining all contact with bloggers, fielding questions and all other tour maintenance.
Commenting blog posts (as author)
Creating a virtual contest for the blog tour (utilizing Facebook and Twitter)
Monitoring blog tour’s progress, maintaining blogger accountability, sending reminders.
Provide blog tour highlight and summary.

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